Not sure what to pack for your upcoming vacation?

Whether you're going on your first safari or 100th trip to the beach, our customized packing guide will get you there in style!

Simply enter your travel dates, destination, and desired activities, and our will "automagically" make a list of suggested items to pack and links for where to get them!

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    Every Traveler is Unique...

    ...and so is their travel style. That is why our packing guides are completely customizable to suit the weather at your destination and the fun activities you have planned while you're there.

    Use our guide to build your packing list by checking off what you need and what you have. When it’s time to pack, you’ll be ready to go!

    Not sure what to pack?

    We've got you! There are so many options, it's hard to know what to bring when your space is limited.

    • We’ll make suggestions of what to take for every type of travel from cruises to safaris
    • Our packing guides are like our travel design services: custom and curated. They're the only packing tool you'll ever need!